Prohledejte stránku napsáním klíčového slova (ZAVŘÍT (ESC))

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The Pillars of Our Company


We look back on our long history with pride and consider ourselves an inseparable part of Wallachia

Our spirits are traditional regional products that have made this region famous far beyond the borders of this country. We recognise our social and historical responsibility and build our company on sound foundations.


RUDOLF JELÍNEK continues a more than 400-year tradition of Wallachian alcohol production. The first written evidence of a distillery is found in the urbarium of the Vizovice fief dating back to 1585. Thanks to its climate, the Vizovice region is especially suitable for plums – that is why their production and subsequent processing have always been an important part of local farmers’ lives. The end of the 19th century saw a boom of local distilleries. Our distillers continue these traditions and their experience is deeply rooted in them.


Fruit and Orchards

Our philosophy is based on the careful selection of fruits and then processing them using traditional methods and modern equipment. The establishment of a plum orchard in 2003 and its gradual enlargement was therefore a natural course of action. Distilling our own fruit not only allows us greater control over our raw materials, it also returns the landscape to its natural state that it had at the beginning of the 20th century, when the slopes surrounding Vizovice were covered with over 70,000 fruit trees, mainly plums. Tree planting is also being done in Bulgaria and Chile by our subsidiaries.


Distilling Equipment

Modern double-walled pot stills made by Arnold Holstein and precise production processes proven over decades guarantee a consistent quality of our products.


Honest Craftsmanship and Experience

The best technologies in the world are useless without experienced workers and experts across all professions.


We view popularising fruit spirits around the world as our mission – we are continuing the 1930s successful business ventures of Rudolf Jelínek who, in the 1934, first succeeded in exporting kosher spirits to the United States and began to make a name for the RUDOLF JELÍNEK brand in the world.
We are proud of our ability to continue and expand these export successes. Our affiliates assist us in building our brand name around the world, united in the R.JELINEK GROUP SE.


Flagship Product

Our flagship product has been and still remains slivovitz – triple distilled, aged for three years. We produce it in a number of variants – traditional clear, gold aged in oak casks, single-variety unblended, and kosher. Our product portfolio also includes a variety of other fruit spirits of the highest quality – pear brandy, apricot brandy, cherry brandy and apple brandy, as well as a number of more unusual spirits made from traditional fruits (rowanberry, mirabelle plum, wild sloe, and others). Our genuine products are easy to spot due to their distinctive ‘clock face’ bottles.


Come and Have a Look

We love sharing what we do – come visit us and soak in the genuine atmosphere of the place where genuine fruit spirits are made.