Vizovické Trnkobrani Festival

Every year, located at the Rudolf Jelinek distillery in Vizovice, Czech Republic, the home of the renowned spirit, Slivovitz, a popular music festival called Vizovicke Trnkobrani is set to go down - one of the largest festivals hosted over the summer.


Traditionally, every year at the Vizovicke Trnkobrani the head committee hosts an eating contest where contestants are to eat the famous sweet plum dumplings - an original challenge that gathers attention and brings in people from all over the world.


This summer, for the first time, a similar contest will be held at the Moravian Days in Chicago, where contestants will compete with each other to see who can eat 30 pieces of plum kolaches in the shortest amount of time. The contest will be sponsored by the R. Jelinek company and the winner will get a gift basket full of the company delicious products.


We believe that even with the first year of the contest making its way to the USA, we will continue to host and gain a following for our famous Vizovicke Trnkobrani festival.