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Czech Liquor Company R. JELINEK in California


Famous Czech liquor company R. JELINEK has
opened a new representation in California, bringing its
much-loved products such as the famous kosher
Slivovitz closer to Czechs and Americans alike on the
west coast. Along with expanding its business, the
company has sent managing partner and executive
director Zdenek (Zack) Chromy to the United States in
order to expand its production in the US markets.


R. JELINEK was established in 1894 and has been
exporting to the US since 1934, the year prohibition
ended. Of the forty different countries that R. JELINEK
exports to, the United States is in the top five in terms
of sales. Products of the company can be found in thirty
states, mainly on the east coast. This new office is a part
of a push to expand the company’s market to include
the west coast.


As a part of this expansion, R. JELINEK recently
competed in the Los Angeles International Spirits
Competition and won the silver medal for its Bohemia
Honey Brandy and bronze medal for its Bohemia Plum
Flavored Vodka.


Mr. Chromy is part of the R. JELINEK distillery since
1998 and since 2004 holds the post of Vice-Chairman.


If you would like more information about the company,
please visit their website at


If you have any questions or would like to contact
someone from the company, please contact.



Zdenek (Zack) Chromy
Cell: (714) 331-9572


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